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Artkive is one of the coolest apps I have discovered lately for my iphone and ipad. My daughter like all children LOVES to color and make art project after art project. She gets really upset when I tell her its time to take down the old picture and replace it with one of her new creations. Of course she wants me to keep every single picture for the rest of eternity šŸ™‚ This app is so awesome because now I can take a picture of her artwork, tag it and store it. Then if I want to, I can actually use her artwork and turn it into books, gifts, or other keepsakes in their store. I love this app so much! If you would like to download it for your iphone or ipad you can find it in itunes. For more info about this app, please visit their site by clicking their picture above.

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This app has become one of my new favorites that I have been using every single day. With this app, you get 15 months of pre-programmed household tasks (over 10,000 of them). In addition to the already pre-programmed tasks, you can add unlimited custom tasks and assign them to people and rooms. It is so cool because you can name the rooms whatever you would like to. Instead of using room names, I set mine up to be times of the day, morning, afternoon, evening, and all day. That way I can plan my day a lot easier. You can assign each task to a person in the family and color code it. I love that they have all the tasks already set up for me. It makes life so much easier. My house is always clean and I can relax knowing it only takes me a short amount of time each day to accomplish all my goals. They have a lite version on itunes that is free or the paid version for $7.99. It may seem like a high price for an app, but trust me the paid version is so worth it! You can download this app on itunes for your ipad or iphone. Please check out their site for more information on this app by clicking their photo above.

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The Catch Notes app is great for busy people or people who just love creating lists. You can create voice, photo, or text notes online and offline using this app. You can also email your checklists to family members. I love to use that option when sending my husband to the grocery store to pick up a few items. There is also an option to set a reminder so you never forget to do something important. You can make personal spaces, or categories to keep your lists organized. The Catch website is automatically updated with a backup of your notes just in case you should lose your phone or accidentally delete the app. Their sync to their site is secure and they also have the option to password protect your notes with a 4 digit pin. For more information on this app and screenshots of the app, please visit their site by clicking on their photo above.


The last app I will be talking about is the Grocery Gadget app. I use this app every time I go to the grocery store. It is amazing. It helps save time in the store by learning item order as you check each one off your list. Next time you go to the grocery store, all items on your list are put in the proper order. No more searching around your list for items. You can also arrange aisles manually for each store. This app has the ability to sync your lists with unlimited devices which is a great feature when my husband and I go shopping together. Anytime I check an item off of the list, his list on his device updates in a matter of seconds. This makes grocery shopping so fast! I love that part since grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do. It also has a feature where you can take a photo of the item and save it. That is great for times when you send someone else to do your shopping and want to make sure they buy the exact brand you want. You can make multiple lists and name them for each store you go to. It also has a spot where you can save recipes and even look up coupons. How great is that! To learn more about this app you can go to itunes or click their picture above to go to their website.

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