When I was growing up my Mom had a silhouette of my Great Grandma.  I always loved looking at it.  It amazed me how much I could see my own Mother’s face in it.  I also loved the old fashioned style.  When my son was in kindergarten his teacher had a woman come in who does silhouettes for a living.  I still have that one today but have always wanted to do an updated one of him and one of my daughter. They were very easy to make and I am quite happy with the results.

I took a photo of each of the children from the same distance.  Then I uploaded the photo to Photoshop and selected just their silhouette, and filled it in with black.  I printed out the photo and used it to trace around black card stock.  I then cut out the silhouette and glued it to a piece of white card stock.  I put them in two matching frames and hung them in my entryway.


I love how once you take away all their features and just look at their profile, you can almost see yourself when you were little. This was an easy project that will capture my children’s silhouettes for years to come.

Signature 2


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